AC adapters test results

Reported to work

Distributor or ManufactureModelSpecificationConditionConfirmed byNote
Triad Magnetics WSU060-4000
Buy: Mouser
6V 4A without Raspberry Pi SwitchScience, Inc. There is a failure report on the Rapiro Forum.
Triad Magnetics WSU075-4000
Buy: Mouser DigiKey
7.5V 4Awith and without Raspberry PiSwitchScience, Inc.Rapiro without a Raspberry Pi is OK, but sometimes doesn’t work with a Raspberry Pi.
DigikeyKTPS36-0940DT 3P (Digikey Part #:62-1170-ND)9V 4Awith and without Raspberry PiSwitchScience, Inc.

Disclaimer: This is for your information only. The results may vary depending on the electronic modules, circuits and software you use. The AC adapters themselves may have different characteristics depending on its production lot.